The solid and creative team of lob architects headed by Kοutsouba Katerina Architect, collaborated to build a new coffee bar , the Contrato All Day Bar in Nikaia.

In the most crowded square of Nikaia,  in the heart of the city we made the most beautiful and functional shop.The difference in quality is evident both in the aesthetic approach  Contrato All Day Bar has, and in the provided catering services.

Nice food, special drinks and staff willing to serve. The wooden bar’s counter, with a distinctive front panel of ironpipes of various diameters, the pendant luminaire in the center gives the special tone, while the look of modular ironworks with glass is complemented by a showcase full of ship accessories.

But the owner wishes the Contrato All Day Bar to become the reference point and meeting place in Nikaia so continued investing in the construction of a covered air-conditioned area of > 100m2 in the square with all the comforts.

The harmony in lines and the quality of the construction is the characteristic of the Contrato All Day Bar. Absolutely functional solutions with particular manufacturing challenges have been another confirmation of our company for its ability to produce quality, fast and technically and economically optimized display stores of all categories.

ENgineering MAnagement & Construction with its wide range of activities has the guarantee and credibility to participate and collaborate with all customers in the implementation of projects.