Opap agency Bournazi – Construction project

Our company undertook the management of the : ‘ OPAP agency Bournazi- Construction project ’ with new design standards that focus on the customer’s integrated service.

Opap agency Bournazi – Construction project

Characteristic of the design of Opap agency Bournazi – Construction project

is the intense lines and colors that help the customer to participate in the processes.


The management of the project, covering 3 levels of a total area of ​​350 m2, constitutes of the coordination of the project designers and the subcontractors, as with our contribution it was not necessary to select a general contractor.

This choice of owner resulted in a 22%, cost saving off, while our participation in the project on the part of the owner contributed to its completion in a timely and qualitative manner.

The team, who worked on the project, consisted of a Project manager, procurement and administrative support, and the total cost did not exceed 8% of the project’s cost.

We undertook the construction and licensing of the store, consisting of three distinct spaces. OPAP Games, Hippodrome and Coffee place, in combination with the arrangement of spaces according to law 4178 / 13.